What is the Sports Chaser?
The SportsChaser is a daily e-newsletter (Mon-Fri) that provides you with a commentary on the sports you need to know to start your day. A colleague and I created this in an independent study at the Media and Journalism school under the guidance of Sports Marketing Professor John Sweeney.

The Current State of Sports and Women

Women have always been an audience in the sports market, but most are not what would be considered avid fans. Women watch games, but most aren’t setting time aside each day to comb through Bleacher Report articles and watch an hour of Sportscenter highlights. This doesn’t mean they don’t want to receive some knowledge about sports, they just don’t care to digest an hour of stats and jargon. This is the void in the market we are trying to fill. A daily newsletter for the everyday woman who wants to engage in the office with her boss who happens to be a Pat’s fan, or with her boyfriend who won’t shave his beard during the playoffs, or on a first date with that guy from Bumble who was wearing a Yankees hat.
Our Logo
Lipstick Meets Football
Our logo is trademarkable and uniquely original. The cranberry color of the font plays into our “cran to your vod” slogan and is intended to look like it was written with lipstick (did we mention this is a website for women?). We went through quite the creative process to come up with this one… Many scratch sheets with doodles were used before we found an idea that stuck. See more concept designs to the right.